Balbale Dingir NIUEA

A Hymn to NIUEA

The ascent as revealed in its crowns.
The Seven revealed as five.
All manifest and unmanifest are encapsulated therein.
The doing of all things is in your name!
Engrave my name on the
The Tablets which hold all things
NIUEA thine beer is excruciating ecstasy
Let mine sign be next in line
Let it be pressed upon sacred clay
that my back Ningizada next climbs!



NIUEA is a shortened acronym (removing the duplicate letters) for The Seven Who Decree Fate. In its longer form it is NNIUEEA. These are Ninhursag, Nanna, Inanna, Utu, Enlil, Enki and Anu.

The Tablets refer to The Tablets of Destiny.

Ningizada here is used as a distinctly ancient Mesopotamian cypher for Kundalini.