Cuneiform Divination

Modern practice

Path Number: 1

Sign Romanization: Diĝir

Sign Meaning: god, deity, divine being, sky, star, above

Kabbalah: Keter – crown

Tarot: 1’s

Astrology: Uranus

Meanings: Purity of form, divinity

Path Number: 2

Sign Romanization: Zú

Sign Meaning: wisdom, knowledge, to know, to teach, experienced, qualified

Kabbalah: Chokhmah – wisdom

Tarot: 2’s

Astrology: Neptune

Divination Meanings: communication, cooperation, duality, partnership, crossroads

Path Number: 3

Sign Romanization: Taltal

Sign Meaning: knowledge, experience, wisdom, understanding

Kabbalah: Binah – understanding

Tarot: 3’s

Astrology: Saturn

Divination Meanings: learning, gaining knowledge

Path Number: 4

Sign Romanization: Arhuš

Sign Meaning: compassion, pity, to be sympathetic, womb,

Kabbalah: Chesed – zeal, affect, ardent desire, love, kindness, pity, envy, reproach

Tarot: 4’s

Astrology: Jupiter

Divination Meanings: compassion, blessings raining down; the cup runeth over

Path Number: 5

Sign Romanization: Nè

Sign Meaning: strength, vigor, violence, forces, host

Kabbalah: Geburah – strength, judgment

Tarot: 5’s

Astrology: Mars

Divination Meanings: strength, violence, intense force

Path Number: 6

Sign Romanization: La

Sign Meaning: abundance, luxury, wealth, youthful freshness and beauty, bliss, happiness, wish, desire

Kabbalah: Tiphareth – spirituality, balance, integration, beauty, miracles, and compassion

Tarot: 6’s

Astrology: Sun

Divination Meanings: luxury, wealth, positivity, bliss, happiness

Path Number: 7

Sign Romanization: Sud

Sign Meaning: to make remote, far away, lasting, to stretch, to wag, to rejoice, feel delight, to sip, to sprinkle, to strew, to furnish, provide, to immerse, to sink, to drown, distant, remote, long

Kabbalah: Netzach – eternity, perpetuity, victory, endurance

Tarot: 7’s

Astrology: Venus

Divination Meanings: desire, quantity, a distance from a goal, a need to give something up to pass

Path Number: 8

Sign Romanization: Ára

Sign Meaning: praise, glory, to praise, glorify

Kabbalah: Hod – majesty, splendor, glory

Tarot: 8’s

Astrology: Mercury

Divination Meanings: movement, change, a need to set boundaries

Path Number: 9

Sign Romanization: Uš8

Sign Meaning: foundation place, base

Kabbalah: Yesod – foundation

Tarot: 9’s

Astrology: Moon

Divination Meanings: reflection, hope, solitude, balance, ebb and flow

Path Number: 10

Sign Romanization: Uru2

Sign Meaning: city, town, village, district

Kabbalah: Malchut – kingdom

Tarot: 10’s

Astrology: Earth

Divination Meanings: one’s foundation, the hearth and home, family, comradery, one’s team

Path Number: 11

Sign Romanization: Gud

Sign Meaning: domestic ox, bull, to dance, to leap

Kabbalah: Alpeh א – ox

Tarot: The Fool

Astrology: Void Sun

Divination Meanings: the start of a journey, all possibilities, the perfect fool, dawn of a new chapter

Path Number: 12

Sign Romanization: É

Sign Meaning: temple, house, household, plot of land

Kabbalah: Beth ב – temple, house

Tarot: The Magician

Astrology: Mercury

Divination Meanings: creative spiritual energy, religious praxis, the use of magic, juggling of many ideas or possibilities

Path Number: 13

Sign Romanization: Ĝiš

Sign Meaning: animal assigned to the plow

Kabbalah: Gimmel ג – camel

Tarot: The High Priestess

Astrology: Moon

Divination Meanings: slow, movement, progress through one’s spiritual journey, passage through the abyss with the help of a guide

Path Number: 14

Sign Romanization: Ig

Sign Meaning: door, entrance

Kabbalah: Daleth ד – Door

Tarot: The Empress

Astrology: Venus

Divination Meanings: confidence in emotion, the feminine principle, the archetypal strong female

Path Number: 15

Sign Romanization: Ab

Sign Meaning: window, opening, niche, nook

Kabbalah: Heh ה window

Tarot: The Emperor

Astrology: Ares

Divination Meanings: confidence in strength, the masculine principle, the archetypal strong man, fortitude

Path Number: 16

Sign Romanization: Kak

Sign Meaning: peg, nail, spike, bone, hinge, joint, knee

Kabbalah: Vav ו – nail, hook

Tarot: The Heirophant

Astrology: Tarus

Divination Meanings: the shaman, the ritual knife, tradition, religious tradition

Path Number: 17

Sign Romanization: Ĝír2

Sign Meaning: lightning flash, knife, dagger, sword, thorn, scorpion, road, expedition, trip, to stab, to fulgurate, lighten, flash

Kabbalah: Zain ז‬ – sword

Tarot: The Lovers

Astrology: Gemini

Divination Meanings: carefully maintained balance of two energies, joining of opposites, two becoming one

Path Number: 18

Sign Romanization: Gil

Sign Meaning: to fence off, reed bundle, dancer, crown, to twist, to bend, bow, to cross, to cross plow, to mess up, tangled, opaque, to be corrupted, destroyed

Kabbalah: Cheth ח – fence

Tarot: The Chariot

Astrology: Cancer

Divination Meanings: horizontal movement, movement within limits, to be penned up

Path Number: 19

Sign Romanization: Muš

Sign Meaning: snake, reptile, bitter

Kabbalah: Teth ט – serpent, snake

Tarot: Strength

Astrology: Scorpio

Divination Meanings: mastery of the carnal self

Path Number: 20

Sign Romanization: Šu

Sign Meaning: hand, share, portion, bundle, strength, control, to pour

Kabbalah: Yod י – open hand

Tarot: The Hermit

Astrology: Virgo

Divination Meanings: personal reflection, soul searching, a need to carefully consider what one has within them, a need to carefully consider and ration out one’s use of energy and time

Path Number: 21

Sign Romanization: Šúm

Sign Meaning: to give, lend

Kabbalah: Kaph כ – palm of hand

Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Astrology: Jupiter

Divination Meanings: a change in fate, temporary gain or loss

Path Number: 22

Sign Romanization: Ús

Sign Meaning: to drive, to follow, to come near to, reach, to let reach, to transport, bring, to join, to be next to, border, to moor, dock, to lean against, side, edge, distance

Kabbalah: Lamed ל – goad

Tarot: Justice

Astrology: Libra

Divination Meanings: preservation of balance – even by means of direct action if necessary

Path Number: 23

Sign Romanization: A

Sign Meaning: water, watercourse, canal, seminal fluid, offspring, father, tears, flood

Kabbalah: Mem מ – water

Tarot: The Hanged Man

Astrology: Neptune

Divination Meanings: surrender, sacrifice, plunging oneself into the Abzu, martyrdom, being made into a scapegoat

Path Number: 24

Sign Romanization: Ku6

Sign Meaning: fish

Kabbalah: Nun נ – fish

Tarot: Death

Astrology: Scorpio

Divination Meanings: end of a chapter, transformation, profound change, end of a relationship or interest, (rarely: death, depression, illness)

Path Number: 25

Sign Romanization: Ĝidri

Sign Meaning: stick, staff, scepter, stick used to measure the height of a pile of grain

Kabbalah: Samekh ס – staff

Tarot: Temperance

Astrology: Sagittarius

Divination Meanings: need for balance, need for patience, need to take the path of moderation, avoidance of extremes, a need for self reflection, the great alchemical art

Path Number: 26

Sign Romanization: Dím

Sign Meaning: the evil eye

Kabbalah: Ayin ע – eye

Tarot: The Devil

Astrology: Capricorn

Divination Meanings: intensity, oppression, materialism, bondage, need for discretion

Path Number: 27

Sign Romanization: Ĝíg

Sign Meaning: closed mouth, night, black, dark

Kabbalah: Peh פ – mouth

Tarot: The Tower

Astrology: Mars

Divination Meanings: sudden and unexpected change, sudden turn of events, getting oneself into trouble by opening one’s mouth without discretion

Path Number: 28

Sign Romanization: Tà

Sign Meaning: to start a fire, to fish, to touch, handle, hold, to weave, to decorate, adorn, to strike, hit, push, hunt, catch

Kabbalah: Tzaddi צ – fish hook

Tarot: Star

Astrology: Aquarius

Divination Meanings: inspiration, hope, a need to rediscover purpose in one’s life

Path Number: 29

Sign Romanization: Gú

Sign Meaning: back of a man’s neck, load, burden, a talent in weight, tribute

Kabbalah: Qoph ק – back of head

Tarot: The Moon

Astrology: Pisces

Divination Meanings: a difficult period in one’s life, ebb and flow, constant unstable change, deception, fear, insecurity

Path Number: 30

Sign Romanization: Saĝ

Sign Meaning: head, point, leader, present, gift, slave, human, individual, first, first-class, prime, in front

Kabbalah: Resh ר – head

Tarot: The Sun

Astrology: Sun

Divination Meanings: positivity, gifts, success, love, warmth, good fortune, happiness, bliss, Utu

Path Number: 31

Sign Romanization: Su11

Sign Meaning: tooth, teeth, prong, thorn, blade, ivory, flint, chert, obsidian, natural glass

Kabbalah: Shin ש – tooth

Tarot: Judgment

Astrology: Pluto

Divination Meanings: a need to make a decision, a need for renewal, a need to pick a complete new direction in life, the start of something new

Path Number: 32

Sign Romanization: Ki

Sign Meaning: earth, place, area, location, ground, grain, where, wherever, whenever, behind

Kabbalah: Tav ת – earth

Tarot: The World

Astrology: Saturn

Divination Meanings: successful conclusions, a balance of all elements, a major positive change, fulfilled goals, a successful harvest, good earth, natural splendor, Ki