Inanna Initiation

For initiating into the magical energies of planetary Venus and the goddess Inanna.


Stones and Metals: Copper, Emerald, Turquoise

Numerical Value: 7

Color: Green, Blue and Gold

Music: Hymn to Ishtar from The Flood by The Lyre Ensamble, “Venus” from The Planets by Holst, Violin Music, Spanish guitar, Romantic Music

Symbols: Burney Relief, Star of Ishtar, sexy outfits

Day of the Week: Friday

Scents: Ambergris, Musk, Benzoin, Perfume, Lavender, Rose, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood

Wood: Apple, Myrtle, Willow, Oak

Herbs: Apple, Alder, Birch, Blackberry, Burdock, Catnip, Cherry, Coltsfoot, Columbine, Daffodil, Daisy, Dittany of Crete, Wheat, Feverfew, Beans, Strawberry, Foxglove, Tansy, Peas, Thyme, Lentils, Vervain, Geranium, Violet, Goldenrod, Woodsage, Mallow, Yarrow, Mint, Peach, Mugwort, Primrose, Pennyroyal, Alkanet, Periwinkle, Rose, Fleabane, Groundsel, Melilot, Plantain, Tomato, Gooseberry, With Hazel, Lemon Verbena, Spearmint, Artichoke, Apricot, Fig, Plum, Grape, Peach, Raspberry, Blackberry, Olive, Elder

Beverages: Cherry Juice, Cherry Wine, Tomato Juice, Apricot Nectar, Plum Wine, Grape Juice, Apple Cider, Mint Julep, Sweet Wine


  1. Gather a number of correspondences
  2. Lite 2 candles on the alter
  3. Sprinkle holy water
  4. Pour out a corresponding scented oil into the oil cylinder
  5. Pour out a corresponding libation to Inanna
  6. Perform initial steps of Enenuru-sig Aš-me
  7. Recite A Hymn to Inanna
  8. Use the scrying surface to perform scrying
  9. Thank Inanna
  10. Perform finishing steps of Enenuru-sig Aš-me
  11. At the completion of the ritual, put out the candles using the blade of your knife
  12. Dispose of the contents of the offering bowl and cup (We mustn’t reuse what was given to a deity.)
  13. Clean up your area

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