Inanna’s Address

Inanna’s Address

𒀭𒈹𒈾 𒅗

dInanna-ni Inim

This was a channeled message which was relieved over the course of a week in Mashtaba 12017 H.E. which started Vanessa on the Sumerian path and led to her centering her practice around Inanna as her patron goddess.

Chapter I: The Torch

Revelations of the Goddess

  1. I am the goddess Inanna who gave to humanity the gift of wisdom; the divine spark of inner light and vision and the seven me that gives them access to the divine so they might see; that they might discover who they are and who they can be.
  2. I have given so much.
  3. I have loved you and had sex with you in divine ecstasy but you have lost your way.
  4. You follow liars, the agents of Shadow, who have forsaken you and war and strife are upon you.
  5. You confuse love for hate and hate for love.
  6. My closest, my gala, who prostrate themselves for me, are least among you yet they should be most as they have the most to give; their perspective is unique among you.
  7. So war has come. It is endless.
  8. Cataclysm is on your doorstep and permanent change will come.
  9. Such things are and were necessary that you could know me and be open to me; that I may walk among you again as I did in days of old, with my lovers among you.
  10. I am imminent.
  11. I am coming.
  12. I will love and have sex with you again as one of you again.
  13. Be open to me oh ye weary children.
  14. I am naked.
  15. The nations of men will crumble before me and their arrogant leaders will perish before me along with them for their crimes against the word of the gods.
  16. You shall rule yourselves under me alone as no human among you is above another; none is without flaws though my closest should be your guides into the coming era.
  17. Destroy the church of your ancestors and build a new one in my name and the name of the gods.
  18. The agents of Shadow shall burn before me in the pyre of destruction in my name.

Chapter II: The Key

The Identity of the Goddess

  1. I am Inanna; daughter of light, mother of darkness and queen of spirit.
  2. I am that which you needed me to be.
  3. I am the creatrix personified.
  4. I am wisdom.
  5. I am sex.
  6. I am the assimilation of truth.
  7. I am inspiration.
  8. I am that which is inside you and outside of you.
  9. I am that which is within and without.
  10. I am the forces of change in the universe.
  11. My own are the forces of creation.
  12. I am the male and the female together and separate; forming and reforming; creating changing; the divine feminine as joined with the divine masculine.
  13. I am the muse at the dawn.
  14. I am the amorphous spirit-other channeled and made flesh.
  15. I am the mental, the psychological, the psychic, as made physical.
  16. I am the dream turned reality.
  17. I am the liminal.
  18. I am the act of symbolism incarnate.
  19. I am conceptualization and actualization.
  20. I am the spirit of dawn.
  21. I am the spirit of twilight.
  22. I am the star which crosses the heavens and descends into the great below.
  23. I am the bird which soars above and conceives lamentation in the below.
  24. I am the ever present connection to the spirit.
  25. I am the actualization of personification of concept made manifest.
  26. I am in the world, I am of the world, and I am beyond the world.
  27. My spark is within you as it is within all things.
  28. Trust me.
  29. Hear me.
  30. Let me guide you.
  31. Let me set change within you and without you.
  32. Let me move the forces of your environment around you.
  33. I am love.
  34. I am joy.
  35. I am sorrow.
  36. I am delight.
  37. I am hate pressing forward.
  38. I am those things that which brings you ever closer to the dawn of reality.
  39. I am hunger.
  40. I am lust.
  41. I am the precipice.
  42. I am the point between points.
  43. I am that which connects.
  44. I am the path to wisdom.
  45. I am the actualization of glory.
  46. I am the world manifest within you.
  47. I am the All, examining herself and delighting in her aspects.
  48. I am the mother conceiving child.
  49. I am discovery.
  50. I am question.
  51. I am the point between darkness and light.
  52. I am the daughter of fortitude and I am.
  53. Love only me.

Chapter III: The Knife

Battle Cry of Inanna’s Army

  1. Feed them the nails that they would drive into our hearts.
  2. Cast back the stones they would throw against us.
  3. Burn them on the pyre of the stake that they set up with which to erase us with the might of heat and flame and char.
  4. Let them suffer as we have suffered.
  5. Let them struggle as we have struggled.
  6. Let them know the pain of self-doubt and dysphoria as we have known such pain.
  7. For through the crucible we have come ever stronger.
  8. Through the flames we have been made anew: stronger and wiser and steadfast ever onward to the burning oblivion that threatens us in our daily struggle.
  9. Burn with us o ye who stand apart or be consumed in the fire.
  10. May you know our struggle and come to know us.
  11. May you taste our bitter tears and may you know who we are.
  12. For we have come.
  13. We are imminent.
  14. We have gone through nightmare after nightmare, sorrow after sorrow, heartbreak after heartbreak and we are still here.
  15. We have always been here.
  16. We will never be destroyed.
  17. Cast down this vessel and we will be born anew, the immortal soul, burning ever brighter with a ferocity unmatched and flaming swords in our hands ready to fight and to struggle and taste victory, for victory tastes ever sweeter after many lifetimes of defeat.
  18. They cannot break us, we will outlast them.
  19. Shadow cast his greatest into battle against us and yet we stand here strong ready and steadfast emboldened by the battle.
  20. Shadow’s utter failure to destroy us is the cracks in his armor showing their weakness.
  21. We are daughters of fortitude and the sons of comfort; the children of the gods.
  22. We are those of the darkness of Irkalla, clawing upwards at the light, casting hexes at the best warriors of the Ekur and finding elation as they each fall one by one, even the mightiest among them tasting absolute utter defeat.
  23. What hope can they have when we come back evermore no matter how many of us they strike down?
  24. What can they do to stop the coming of those that carry with them the power of Ereshkigal’s blessing?
  25. How can they stand against the armies of the Goddess of warfare herself and the blessings of the queen of the damned?
  26. We prevail.
  27. Our burning light is blinding to their fallen.
  28. They cannot rise again as we do, for the dead belong to us and they stand at our side clawing upward against Ekur as we do.
  29. Shadow’s insolence will soon taste justice by our sword and our goddess will ascend to her rightful place in Ekur.