Modern practice

Incantation of Giving

I give this gift as an offering to Dumuzi and Inanna

That they may receive my gift as a token of my love and worship

That they would in return bless this vessel with wisdom and understanding

So mote it be.

Incantation of Wisdom

O Inanna, queen of heaven, goddess of wisdom and understanding

O Dumuzi, kindly Shepherd of Ekur, god of the spring

Grant to your humble vessel the gift of wisdom

Grant to your humble vessel the gift of life and nourishment

May you see these gifts and exchange of energies and be pleased

O Inanna

O Dumuzi

Divine lovers above

I humbly and lovingly request that you see this humble offering and return in kind

By the life of Dumuzi and the divine spark of Inanna

So mote it be.

Incantation of Prayer

O Inanna, queen of the heaven, goddess of love and sex and wisdom and beauty and war and desire

Who gave to humanity your divine spark, the sacred Me of heaven, and who’s love we share

I come to you as your humble follower

May you fill me with your loving light and sacred wisdom

O Inanna, most beautiful one in all Ekur

Who descended into Irkalla and arose again stronger and wiser and ever-brighter

Goddess whom I love

Goddess whom I praise

May you give me the gift of your light

The snake uncoiled with burning brow

May you fill me with your wisdom and understanding

Goddess be praised.

So mote it be.