Preface to the Wisdom of Inanna

The wisdom of Inanna; as imparted through her vessels given to her children so they may know and come to understand the nature of things. As are all things which come to us in such manner, it is filtered through the lens of that who served as the vessel and so is therefore limited by their knowledge and understanding.


This is forever an incomplete text. As humanity, life and consciousness is forever traveling in that upward spiral of rebirth towards The Source, so also must the doctrines and teachings of the goddess adapt to best service her people and protect the innocent and vulnerable and promote positive forward movement. In the age of this writing, it is the racial minorities, the neurodivergent persons and the gender and sexual minorities that need the greatest protection and the bastions of regressive thought that bear the need of destruction. As such, Inanna calls her people to take up their moral obligation to help others whom are less privileged. In a future time in a future age when new oracles serve as vessels of the gods, new revelations will become manifest and new chapters need be added.


Never forget, never excise, never destroy. Even if the past becomes unserviceable, do not remove chapters. Prefaces can be added, language can be updated, but do not erase the past, not even the ugliness of it. Instead learn to navigate the sea of ideas and choose for yourself what is righteous and what is harmful. Reject dogma. Do not stagnate, but also do not change for change’s sake alone without true purpose. Dogma is but the stagnation of the soul and this book is all but a suggestion. It’s your job to discover the truth for yourself. No external application of truth can compare with the divine light of inner knowing, that knowledge of the self that only comes when we leave behind the screaming babel of the ego. Religion is not meant to be spoon-fed and so this is but a book of quotations, not a book of answers.


Inanna is many things to many people and has gone by many names through time. Ishtar, Asherah, Astarte, Sophia, Babalon, and others. The name is not what is important but rather what she represents. Do not get hung up on the minutia. To do so is to lose the tree amongst the forest.


We serve a goddess of transition. She is change manifest. A symbol and a personification of the liminal; the threshold; the horizon; the state between states forever hanging on the precipice of progress. This manifests in many ways. Sex is the liminal between two persons and as a method of procreation it stands in the threshold of generations. Transition is the process of progress between their past false self and their future true self. War is the threshold of empires and era. Education is the threshold between knowledge and ignorance. Wisdom is the revelation of truth and the agency of forward momentum. The essence of the divine feminine as made manifest in the shape of a human. Everything and nothing all at once. Ultimately, she’s the source of the inner knowledge of the self, the spark of Divine Will, given to us after we sacrifice our hearts on the cross and leave ourselves hanging, like a corpse on a hook in Irkalla, and drink of her sacred cup.


So as the goddess is transition manifest, so too must our ideas and doctrines. To forget the past is to repeat its mistakes and to refuse its lessons. Do not replace the past, learn from it. Do not assume you are greater than your ancestors. We are all doing our best with what we have. That isn’t to say grave mistakes weren’t made but rather that we’re probably in the middle of a mistake at this very moment as well and would you have future generations judge you as harshly? For truly it is our greatest folly to assume knowledge of anything beyond the self. For when the external is stripped away and we face the external of the internal, what else is there but the knowledge of the internal of the internal which can be known with any certainty?


Ultimate perfection on Earth is a lie. Until such time that we rejoin the Source, there will always be new lessons and new discoveries and new waves to rock the boat and destroy past truths. Folly is to fight against the storm when you could instead ride the waves. To press onward against the current even in the face of certain doubt is to cross the threshold of discovery. If we are made in the image of the gods then they are as we, are forever imperfect. What hope can we have for lofty ideals of perfection when the gods themselves haven’t achieved it? In truth all of time itself is but an endless cycle of self improvement.


Transition born from the agency of progress should be celebrated, not lamented, but we must too take care not to cast out the wheat with the chafe. Too often the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients was lost to us only to have to be rediscovered; a slip down the spiral away from the divine.  But take heart, do not become discouraged; for so too can adversity, struggle and sacrificing of the self, bring us greater triumph and greater understanding through the divine spark of the sacred me and the ever-present cycles of reality


Through knowledge we gain understating. Through myth we gain meaning. Through ritual we gain praxis. Through fellowship we gain communion. Through transition we gain progress. Through our death, we gain Gnosis.

Goddess be praised. So mote it be.