Simple Offering Ritual

Modern practice

Simple Offering Ritual

Used to make an offering to one of the Anunnaki.


  • Scented Oil/Perfume and appropriate container or Incense
  • 2 Candles or Oil Lamp
  • Offering Bowl
  • Cup
  • Food and drink offering appropriate for intended deity
  • Dagger


  1. Place accoutrements down on your alter
  2. Light candles/incense/oil lamp and pour scented oil into container as appropriate
  3. Perform initial steps of Enenuru-sig Aš-me
  4. Place offering in bowl and address it as an offering to whomever you are performing this rite for, fill the cup with your drink offering and address it in much the same way
  5. Recite a hymn or invocation to this deity
  6. Allow the incense to burn out
  7. At the completion of the ritual, put out the candles using the blade of your knife
  8. Dispose of the contents of the offering bowl and cup; we mustn’t reuse what was given to a deity
  9. Perform finishing steps of Enenuru-sig Aš-me
  10. Clean up your area