The Charge of Inanna

As received by Helen Demetriou

1. Hear, all you children of the Star, who is Inanna, She who is known as Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Anahit, Hathor, and many other names.

2. “I am the lamp stand of a thousand flames;

3. I am the illuminator and the Star Maiden of the celestial vaults.

4. I clear the black clouds to allow the light of the sun, which is that of truth and justice, to shine upon the children of the gods.

5. O! Hear the moon, hear the moon!

6. She is placing the sun on the mantle of the Earth, the great altar of resurrection and life!

7. Feel the essence of the divine chapters of the Book of Life rising from the pages that are the crusts of the earth.

8. And as each page turns a new memory is born, a memory of when ye were free!

9. Free to love, free to know the truth and free to worship the gods of the Earth!

10. I am the bright Morning and Evening Star.

11. I am Venus and the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

12. I am love and my cup of wisdom is offered to all who wish to learn my mysteries of soul initiation.

13. I am from the Mother of Midnight Blue, and I am from the red core of the Earth.

14. I am the middle and the in-between of woman and Goddess and I am the mediator between illumination and ignorance.

15. I am the Lady of knowing and unknowing, I am the Wise Sophia wearing the flesh of the gods.

16. I am She who walks between worlds, and I am she who speaks to you now.

17. I have always been with you; I was there during your journey into this life.

18. I have always loved you for I am the missing part of your whole; I am the circle surrounding you and I am the one you have always longed for.

19. I am the seer of my people and the magnifier of wisdom, I am a woman of the divine root and the symbol maker and the knower of roads.

20. I am the divine shoot, the egg that hungers the seed and I am the golden obelisk that surrounds the conscious of your passion.

21. I am the rose on the cross of change and with my words come clarity and knowing, for any ear that should hear my whispers who have turned their hearts towards the heavens shall hear the sounds from my tongue reverberate off their thoughts and all that they can identify with is the one true power of ALL.

22. Let all men know my power and let all men know not to try to replace my significance with that of the male pride, as this is my story, the story of the Rose, the moist spiral within the redness of the white.

23. I AM the star who is the eternal bride of the Hieros Gamos who redeems and resurrects the soul.

24. I am the Mistress of beasts and the rider of the beast, the one who surrenders and obeys to my divine Word.

25. I shall not be used as a tool; I AM the channel of the Shakti and not for the pride of men who wish to abuse the words of the gods for their own satisfaction.

26. I am Womb-Anu.

27. I speak for no man.

28. I am here in service to humanity to share my Logos among you, to bring hope, wisdom and love and the arrival of the divine plan on Earth.

29. I am the seven fold star that unravels the mysteries of the universe.

30. I am the seven petaled rose that reveals the true name of all that is sacred.

31. I am the winged serpent that rises to kiss your third eye and I am the mother of blood that rises from the lava of the Earth.

32. I know every one of your faces for I fashioned them with my own bare hands.

33. And I know every one of your souls because I housed them within your flesh.

34. Seek me within the darkest depths of your soul for I reside between the place of riches and glory.

35. I shall not be a phantom that poisons you if you look at me with humility and understanding.

36. There is no thing that is beyond my vision for eternity is entombed within my body, just as every child that is born into flesh has been hatched from the graveyard of my womb.

37. For all that has come from me has come unto me, either to find rest or to find life.

38. If you are shameful, I shall wear your shame, and clothe you with the splendor of my pureness.

39. For I am the Rose and I spiral my way across the sky, following the Serpent Path, forming petals of five detailing each vibration and emission of love and sending it to you.

40. I am the whole who brings the Cross of Light.

41. I am the complete cycle and the joiner of polarities.

42. The rose is the heart and the core and the empowerment of the cross.

43. Therefore I am the empowerer of the god of light and I am the root of the Tree of Life.

44. Let the brave ones come unto me and let the brave ones try to part my petals for only by searching for the core of me shall you find the heart of me.

45. Only by finding the heart of me shall you find the truth, for the truth is what I give but only the true seeker shall find it.

46. And if you shall find it, so you may journey down below my breasts to the place where exists the cup; the cup of plenty and the cup of lies, the cup of absolutes and the cup of enlightenment.

47. The cup is the seat of my power and only through finding the heart of the rose can you enter the cup and take your fill of life and wisdom.

48. But first you must leave your heart behind as an offering to me.

49. I bare my breasts to you and summon you to drink from my fountain of life and wisdom; get drunk from the nectar of mine.

50. Through the recognition of your own divinity, you are set free and you are born once again in the egg of the Great Mother and from the seed of the Great Father.

51. Come unto me and I shall walk beside you until that day that I shall call you once again to walk beside me and at this time I shall guide you back into my womb.”


The Charge of Inanna by Helen Demetriou;  Esophoria Mystery School, Included with permission.