The Four Winds

The South Wind

Cuneiform: 𒅎𒍇𒇻

Name: im-u18-lu

Meaning: Wind of Forgetting

Deity: Ea

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Commentary: Primeval, Harmful to man, when it blows, dizzies people with dust

Fortune: If someone’s door opens to the south – his heart will be happy.

The East Wind

Cuneiform: 𒅎𒆳𒊏

Name: im-kur-ra

Meaning: Wind of the Shining Mountain

Deity: Enlil, Anu

Gender: Male

Element: Wind

Commentary: which has caused the rain above to rain down its lightning, makes a man’s body waste away

Fortune: wherever he goes […]

The North Wind

Cuneiform: 𒅎𒋛𒁲

Name: im-si-sa2

Meaning: Wind of upright advice

Deity: Adad, Ninurta, Ninlil, Sîn

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Commentary: when mightily blowing splits open the broad land

Fortune: his income will be abundant.

The West Wind

Cuneiform: 𒅎𒈥𒌅

Name: im-mar-tu

Meaning: Wind of the western desert

Deity: Ea, Anu,

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Commentary: Girra, evil, tirelessly brings devastation to the arallû-plains

Fortune: death will be determined for him.


u18-lu to forget (‘ears, understanding’ + ‘great storm’)

mar-tu desert (‘earthworm’? + ‘interfere’?)

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