Tablet for the Dead

You will find on the right in Utu’s garden a spring, and by it stands a ghostly tree with precious gems as fruit, where the dead souls descending wash away their lives. Do not even draw nigh this spring. Further on you will find chill water flowing from the pool of the Abzu: over this stand guardians. They will ask you with keen mind what is your quest in the gloom of deadly Nergal. They will ask you for what reason you have come. Tell them the whole truth straight out. Say: “I am a child of Ninhursag and An, but of An is my birth: this you know yourselves. I am parched with thirst and perishing: give me quickly chill water flowing from the pool of the Abzu.” Assuredly the kings of the underworld take pity on you, and will themselves give you water from the spring divine; then you, when you have drunk, traverse the holy path which other initiates tread in glory. After that you will rule among the other heroes.

Based on a Greek Totenpass.