Who Are We?

𒀭𒈹 𒈬𒍪 𒌍𒁮

dInanna Mu-zu Eš2-dam

The Gnostic Temple of Inanna is primarily an Ohio-based Sumarian Reconstructionist religious organization dedicated to the study and restoration of the Sumerian and related Near Eastern Religions which puts a focus on improving each practitioner’s connection to their personal god, their personal udug, and the dingir in general with a focus on the Seven Who Decree Fate

The Gnostic Temple of Inanna was founded on Nēshu 16, 12017 H.E. under its original name, Coven of the Alder Blossom, by Vanessa Kindell and Zoey. Inanna was chosen as the patron goddess of the temple because of the connection that Vanessa and Zoey have to her.